Upcycled Restaurant Letter

My dad gave me this A from an old restaurant sign ages ago, originally it has gold and black on the front and the back was covered in plaster and glue. Finally I did something with it! My favourite thing at the moment is my Winsor & Newton Galeria Gesso Primer which is great for using […]

Dinner Doodles and a new weekend project

As part of the 90 day challenge I have been filling up a small cheap and cheerful notepad with random doodles while making and eating my dinner after work. It is an easy way to get an hour of something artistic into your day and because its just a cheap pad there is no pressure […]

Goodbye card – back off to Oz

After an amazing week with my whole family in Cyprus with me, my middle sister has now returned to Australia. As part of our Nihad tradition we always write a letter to the person departing for them to read on the long journey back. This is the envelope I quickly made using a previous doodle […]

Turkish Style Painted Wooden Fish

As promised, here are the painted wooden fish I made for my mum’s birthday after she complained that she could not find ‘fish baubles’ for our Christmas tree. I purchased the fish shapes on eBay, made from plywood and costing around £3, these fish where great value and perfect for what I needed. In Northern […]

Birthday Card for Mum

Mums Birthday Card

Having decided that I am not allowed to buy a birthday cards or celebration cards given the amount of craft material, tools, beads and buttons I own, here is the card I recently made for my mum’s birthday. Using metallic pens I bought from the 99p store in Hounslow, (oh the glamorous life I lead), […]

Beautiful Northern Cyprus

Honestly the most beautiful place to go (at least for me) is Northern Cyprus. This is the Turkish part of the divided island. Here are a few photos of pure, undiluted sunshine and happiness! As winter officially sets in, hopefully these pictures will warm you up a touch.