Feeling Autumnal – 90 day challenge

October Postcard

First attempt at using watercolours in about 10 years!!


All this Stoptober advertising in the UK is making me think about things I should stop doing and things I should be doing. I just started a three month contract marketing job and want to make sure that despite working full time, I am still creating everyday. Bring forth the 90 day challenge!! I figure that one small painting or one hour working on a larger project should be pretty feasible to complete everyday. I also just want to take the pressure off myself too, I feel like everything I produce needs to be some perfect work of art, when in reality, as long as I am doing something, anything, even if it is rubbish, I still did it. By Christmas I hope to have a collection of work I can look back on, pick out what I like, what just didn’t work, what came easy, what I found really hard, what can be mushed together with something else I did. Every time I think about where I am going with my art I get totally lost, by breaking it down to one hour increments it makes creating art an easier commitment. If I take it one hour at a time, maybe by the end of the year my path might be a bit clearer. Who knows! Its seems like a good plan right now. I probably won’t post everything individually but maybe a weekly round up post will keep me on track and inspired.

How about you guys? Fancy not waiting till your New Years Resolutions to make a change? There is still time this year to make it a good one, whatever your goal is. Happy Autumn Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Autumnal – 90 day challenge

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