Radio – Illustration Friday

Radio Illustration FridayI decided to start doing the Illustration Friday weekly topics as a way to keep drawing and start working out what exactly my style is. I basically have no idea what makes my drawings mine or what would make my drawings instantly recognisable. Half the time you see an amazing illustration and you then go explore the rest of their work, their whole portfolio is consistent and you can clearly see what their style is. Maybe one day I will get there!! Anywho, this week’s topic is Radio.

p.s I really REALLY need to learn how to colour these things digitally. Going to use SkillShare and try to teach myself.


One thought on “Radio – Illustration Friday

  1. Hi, I know exactly what you mean about evolving a consistent ‘style’ of your own. I only feel I have making art that is consistent this past year after many, many years of trying out everything and nothing seemed to ‘feel’ like me. I highly suggest reading Lilla Rogers book titled ‘I Just Like to Make Things’. This really helped me to find out what it was that I enjoyed creating and thus I found out (at least for now) what my style is/ what it is evolving into. As for colouring artwork digitally, I scan my artwork into the pc and use CorelDraw to turn the scanned image into a vector image and colour it from there. I only know how to do this after many years of practising, but also I was lucky enough to work as a graphic artist some years back so have experience doing it. I am by no means any kind of expert in this at all. If I can be of any help let me know!


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