Beşparmak Mountains on canvas

Along with the tiny sample acrylic paints I bought while out here in Cyprus, I got a bumper pack of 4 canvases and three paint brushes. After lots of procrastinating (its very easily done here), I decided to paint the Beşparmak Mountains range which is visible throughout the whole of Northern Cyprus and our home here. Given that I had none of my nice stronger opaque paints and lovely very thin paint brushes some of the detail work on this was pretty painful, but overall I am pleased with the result. I especially like how the three canvases flow on to each other, with the sides, top and bottoms all continuing on the image. The mountains themselves change colour constantly during the day as the sun shifts and rare clouds settle. In the three months I have been here they have changed a lot as spring changed to peak summer. I might recreate this painting at home and try my hand at Etsy selling, although shockingly people are already selling their Christmas wares now. I think I need to cool down from my life of sunshine when I return to London before I can think about Santa!

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