Custom Napkin Dispenser

Had a bit of fun here with the napkin dispenser. You normally see these in restaurants but we have one in the house. Originally it had some generic picture of a garden scene on it and I felt like it needed a bit of sprucing up. The pattern is Turkish inspired – you often see the tulip pattern on tiles and other ceramics. I was quite excited when I found some art supplies in Lefkosa (Nicosia, Northern Cyprus) even more so when I saw that they were not ridiculously expensive. As everything is imported from mainland Turkey it generally makes things more expensive than at home in London. I do miss the plethora of paint brushes I have at home, especially the finer ones for detail. I found a pack of three basic sizes here for a few lira and have made do with them. Also found those starter packs of acrylics (tiny 15ml tubes in the standard colours) which is fine for now. However, next time I come out here I will definitely fill my suitcase with supplies from home!

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