Living Room Art – Wooden Plaque

This is another little something for my mum’s house, you may have noticed there is a Naval theme to these last few posts. I saw a Turkish tile with a ship like this one and I decided it would be beautiful in the house. Tile painting and ceramics requires specialist equipment so I stayed with my trusty acrylics on wood for this. The piece of wood itself is actually a cheese board from a supermarket, my friend bought it and I requested the wooden platter after she had eaten the cheese. I believe the fancy term for this is ‘upcycling’.

I am really pleased how it ended up, especially as the boarder decorations which where not planned out beforehand. Tulips were cultivated by the Turks during the Ottoman Empire and are a huge part of Turkish imagery. The evil eye or ‘nazar’ is another symbol commonly used across the Mediterranean (among other places) for protection and warding off evil spirits.  The metallic paint and acrylic varnish finish really make the colours sparkle.

See also my Turkish Style Painted Fish here

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