Sign Making – ‘It’s a long ship’

photo 2photo

This project is for my mum’s house, ‘It’s a long ship’ is just a comment my grandpa used to make about needing his glass refilled. Long story. Any who, this is on a strip of pine I bought at Christmas and had not found a purpose for. The engraving tool was pretty huge to wield around the corners but luckily the text was quite big to begin with. Definitely had a sore head and hand after a couple of goes around the letters!

The wood grain did make it slightly harder to get a steady line as the density of the wood changed. I hope I can pass it off as ‘rustic’ but as this is destined for the garden, I don’t think it matters too much.

Up next – painting it!

2 thoughts on “Sign Making – ‘It’s a long ship’

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