Ocean Waves

Ink Waves

I recently purchased some Faber-Castell Pitt Artists’ Pens and wanted to practice with all the various widths of the brushes – ending up with the above drawing. I personally prefer the finer pens but found that these ones were incredibly delicate and ran out quickly. May need to investigate different brands. Anyone else have a favourite?

3 thoughts on “Ocean Waves

  1. I love Faber Castell pens. I bought some a while ago and love them. How have you found them? I especially love their ‘chisel tip’ pen as you can make thin or thick lines without having to change pens. I am fortunate enough to have a set of their coloured pencils and they are gorgeous. I recommend them!!


    • I love them too, however I did find they dried out pretty quickly. I could have just bought an old version or something because their reviews are generally positive. I did buy bumper packs of Staedtler fibre tip and fineliner pens which are amazing. They survived three months in 30 degree heat and are still as good as when I bought them. Lots of colours too.


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