Turkish Style Painted Wooden Fish

As promised, here are the painted wooden fish I made for my mum’s birthday after she complained that she could not find ‘fish baubles’ for our Christmas tree. I purchased the fish shapes on eBay, made from plywood and costing around £3, these fish where great value and perfect for what I needed.

In Northern Cyprus there are lots of beautiful tiles and painted ceramics, all hand painted and exceptionally detailed. The particular ones we purchased were made in İznik, Turkey.

Here are the original ceramics:

Turkish Fish Tiles

Turkish Fish Tiles

I tried to copy the original tiles as best I could using acrylics including metallic paints to make the colours pop a bit. However as the colours soaked into the wood and dried they dulled significantly so I used Galleria Gloss Varnish to bring the colours back to life. I then used some matching colour beads and 24 gauge beading wire to form the hooks for the tree.

Overall I am really pleased at how they came out, they did take a long time to paint, however hand made gifts usually do! I really enjoyed making them and my mum really loved them. Hopefully in years to come we will continue to put them on the Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas Everyone! x

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