Upcycled Restaurant Letter

My dad gave me this A from an old restaurant sign ages ago, originally it has gold and black on the front and the back was covered in plaster and glue. Finally I did something with it! My favourite thing at the moment is my Winsor & Newton Galeria Gesso Primer which is great for using on shiny surfaces like this. The floral designs where just painted on freehand using my favourite metallic paints. I bought some tiny brushes on ebay which are meant for nail art but are perfect for intricate line work.

Week three of doodle mania

So we have completed week three of my 90 day challenge. This week some of the doodles feature colour!! Part of me actually likes having the single colour doodles, I feel like I have to think less when I just use one pen but it’s good to shake things up a bit.

The wooden A has had quite a few coats of acrylic primer on it now and is mostly smooth. I am still deciding what to do with it. I feel like the patterns from the tree painting I did last month would look nice on it, or like the ‘A’ doodle above, doing some type of scene from Cyprus. I don’t want to rush into it so will think more on it next week.

I also found more wooden fish, I don’t actually remember buying these….oops. Last year I painted these for my mum to put on the Christmas tree – see post here. Sounds strange to have Turkish style painted fish on your Christmas tree but it makes sense for us. The blue fish pattern is based on Turkish ceramics but now its painted I have no idea what to do with it. I have like 10 more of these so will have to come up with something!

Dinner Doodles and a new weekend project

As part of the 90 day challenge I have been filling up a small cheap and cheerful notepad with random doodles while making and eating my dinner after work. It is an easy way to get an hour of something artistic into your day and because its just a cheap pad there is no pressure or that feeling that you are wasting paper. I love my black Staedtler fineliners. I have all the coloured versions too, so might make use of them next week in my next batch of doodles.

I have also been playing around with my watercolours, again just random patterns with no forethought or planning. I am going to put together a pinterest board on watercolours for inspiration and try do some actual painting on the lovely watercolour paper I bought.

Finally, I have just started a weekend project with this large plywood ‘A’ from an old restaurant sign my dad gave me. The back was covered in a mix of cement glue and plaster so the pic here is me getting out the old elbow grease and white spirit to scour it off. I am now painting it with white gesso primer and planning what to actually paint on it. I am thinking something Cyprus related. Maybe in sections having the sun, sky, mountains, pine trees and then ending with the sea. See what happens with it!

Feeling Autumnal – 90 day challenge

October Postcard

First attempt at using watercolours in about 10 years!!


All this Stoptober advertising in the UK is making me think about things I should stop doing and things I should be doing. I just started a three month contract marketing job and want to make sure that despite working full time, I am still creating everyday. Bring forth the 90 day challenge!! I figure that one small painting or one hour working on a larger project should be pretty feasible to complete everyday. I also just want to take the pressure off myself too, I feel like everything I produce needs to be some perfect work of art, when in reality, as long as I am doing something, anything, even if it is rubbish, I still did it. By Christmas I hope to have a collection of work I can look back on, pick out what I like, what just didn’t work, what came easy, what I found really hard, what can be mushed together with something else I did. Every time I think about where I am going with my art I get totally lost, by breaking it down to one hour increments it makes creating art an easier commitment. If I take it one hour at a time, maybe by the end of the year my path might be a bit clearer. Who knows! Its seems like a good plan right now. I probably won’t post everything individually but maybe a weekly round up post will keep me on track and inspired.

How about you guys? Fancy not waiting till your New Years Resolutions to make a change? There is still time this year to make it a good one, whatever your goal is. Happy Autumn Everyone!

Finished Painting – Freehand Pattern Tree

Finally the Pattern Tree is finished!! Whoop! Managed to complete it in about a week and definitely ruined one brush doing it. Pretty pleased with the results but I would change the middle if I did it again. Ideally the middle tallest branch would be lower down on the canvas so the white pattern could go over it, forming a proper outline of a tree.

It was a fun experiment to produce some original patterns which have been inspired by Turkish ceramics. From this I might get the pen and paper out and try to create something from them. I’m doing classes on SkillsShare on pattern and surface design so hopefully I can make use of them in one of tutorials.

Original painting on Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/204443128/turkish-pattern-tree-original-floral?

Pattern Tree 6

Work in progress – freehand patterns on canvas

Freehand patterns

Chilled afternoon doing freehand patterns on a large canvas. Its actually quite fun to do it without any planning and just committing to paint straightaway. Its making me really think about each stroke because I want them somewhat symmetric and also want them to fit together as one piece. Its also a fun experiment to come up with some unique patterns.


Turkish Pomegranate Painting – acrylic on canvas

Still focussing on the Turkish patterns at the moment.  Pomegranates are a common theme in Turkish homes in everything from fabrics, paintings and actual ceramic and plastic pomegranates as table decorations. This was done on a small 15cm x 15cm canvas with acrylics and metallics. I do use metallic paint a lot in my paintings, not sure if its cheating but I really love how it makes patterns stronger and colours stand out.

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/203733326/pomegranate-original-turkish-pattern

I did this sketch first but decided given the size of the canvas I was using, I would just do a close up of a single pomegranate. I still have lots of tiny canvases so might do a series of three small ones next.

Original sketch of the pomegranates

Original sketch of the pomegranates

‘The Flavour of Turkish Coffee’ Painting – from doodle to canvas

So I finally finished the Turkish Coffee painting which started out as a doodle a week or so ago. Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out, I added some extra sections to balance out the shape and symmetry of the design. The canvas is 30cm – 40cm so its definitely one of the biggest paintings I have done for a long while. Also available on Etsy – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/203595311/the-flavour-of-turkish-coffee-original. Honestly shocked at how expensive international shipping is so will only be sending it domestically. Probably will stick with smaller paintings in future but I do have one large canvas left. Watch this space.

Turkish Coffee Cup 1

Radio – Illustration Friday

Radio Illustration FridayI decided to start doing the Illustration Friday weekly topics as a way to keep drawing and start working out what exactly my style is. I basically have no idea what makes my drawings mine or what would make my drawings instantly recognisable. Half the time you see an amazing illustration and you then go explore the rest of their work, their whole portfolio is consistent and you can clearly see what their style is. Maybe one day I will get there!! Anywho, this week’s topic is Radio.

p.s I really REALLY need to learn how to colour these things digitally. Going to use SkillShare and try to teach myself.


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