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I don’t know about you, but summer is officially over in England. I imagine that I won’t get any sympathy for the crappy weather having spent so much time in the hot sun abroad, BUT it was worth a shot. Here are some cupcakes to brighten your day. I painted these fun multi-coloured cupcakes on tiny 7cm x 7cm canvases using fine paint brushes and accented with metallic paint. Available here on Etsy –

I am still pretty torn up about exactly what I am going to focus on with my art, there is just so many amazing talented people out there, its totally eating up any confidence I have that this could actually work for me. I have a sketchbook I am filling up with my random musings so hopefully I will not lose faith in my ideas before I have even started them. Pinterest is pretty good for inspiration and procrastination!! Where do you get your inspiration from? What picks you up when you have buried yourself in your own self doubt? Let me know!

Crashing ocean waves on canvas

Now on Etsy – a small, original, hand painted acrylic canvas of a crashing turquoise waves. The canvas measures approximately 15cm x 15cm and is carefully painted using fine paint brushes and protected with Galeria Gloss Varnish. The front is initialed and the back is signed and dated.

Inspired by the rolling crystalline waves of Cornwall, England where I spent many summer holidays. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break – back in England after three months of Cyprus and am missing the heat, the ocean and the sunshine!

Flowered Canvas


I used my final canvas to recreate the flower pattern I used for my sisters goodbye card. As mentioned, its a pretty common pattern in Turkish artwork and especially in ceramics. Already the house out here in Cyprus is filling up with my paintings, all of which have a Turkish theme. Its really made the house look and feel a bit more authentic and really complements the Turkish fabrics we have filled the place with. More of that to come in my next post!


Beşparmak Mountains on canvas

Along with the tiny sample acrylic paints I bought while out here in Cyprus, I got a bumper pack of 4 canvases and three paint brushes. After lots of procrastinating (its very easily done here), I decided to paint the Beşparmak Mountains range which is visible throughout the whole of Northern Cyprus and our home here. Given that I had none of my nice stronger opaque paints and lovely very thin paint brushes some of the detail work on this was pretty painful, but overall I am pleased with the result. I especially like how the three canvases flow on to each other, with the sides, top and bottoms all continuing on the image. The mountains themselves change colour constantly during the day as the sun shifts and rare clouds settle. In the three months I have been here they have changed a lot as spring changed to peak summer. I might recreate this painting at home and try my hand at Etsy selling, although shockingly people are already selling their Christmas wares now. I think I need to cool down from my life of sunshine when I return to London before I can think about Santa!

Goodbye card – back off to Oz

After an amazing week with my whole family in Cyprus with me, my middle sister has now returned to Australia. As part of our Nihad tradition we always write a letter to the person departing for them to read on the long journey back. This is the envelope I quickly made using a previous doodle of Turkish style blooms. This is typically found on ceramic tiles and is usually much more symmetrical than my doodle, but it made a pretty envelope!

Miss you already sis! xxx



Custom Napkin Dispenser

Had a bit of fun here with the napkin dispenser. You normally see these in restaurants but we have one in the house. Originally it had some generic picture of a garden scene on it and I felt like it needed a bit of sprucing up. The pattern is Turkish inspired – you often see the tulip pattern on tiles and other ceramics. I was quite excited when I found some art supplies in Lefkosa (Nicosia, Northern Cyprus) even more so when I saw that they were not ridiculously expensive. As everything is imported from mainland Turkey it generally makes things more expensive than at home in London. I do miss the plethora of paint brushes I have at home, especially the finer ones for detail. I found a pack of three basic sizes here for a few lira and have made do with them. Also found those starter packs of acrylics (tiny 15ml tubes in the standard colours) which is fine for now. However, next time I come out here I will definitely fill my suitcase with supplies from home!

Merhaba from Cyprus!

I can’t really believe I have been in Northern Cyprus for 7 weeks now, I have been focusing a lot of my efforts on my other blog – and posting lots of pictures there of this beautiful place. Only recently have I started doodling again and its not come back to me that easily! I usually like working on a project, like the wooden painted plaque or the sign post for the house. I find it difficult to sit down and just draw something. So taking inspiration from the amazing scenery around where I live at the moment – this post is of the Kyrenia Mountain range and some of the lovely colourful flowers which are so prevalent in Cyprus.


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